Photos of the Paraguay Chaco I

Our activity involves driving around a lot and taking photos, some we placed below

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Paraguay Chaco foresclearing, Palmar de las Islas
dry season - a forest clearing in the Palmar de las Islas area, the far north of the Chaco, close to the bolivian border.
estancia Chaco Paraguay puma in the Chaco forest, armadillo for the kitchen
we staid at Estancia San Josť, thnks to their owners hospitality
bottom : Armadillos to be prepared for lunch; later that day we did indeed see a puma (though this photo I took somewhere off the web); finding our way
earth road / picada, Alto Paraguay, Chaco
One of the lesser used picadas, earth road or roughly cleared tracks, in the Agua Dulce area, the vegetation being typical for most parts of the Chaco
road in Paraguay Chaco in wet season

wet season - the appearance changes drastically

life on a ranch


Photos from a visit of a cattle ranch, Fuerte Olimpo Region, Alto Paraguay, May 2008

Estancia Chaco Paraguay Brahman and Braford cattle
Gauchos of the Chaco
domestic life casco estancia
Rio Paraguay

and of a cattle ranch, typical for the Bajo Chaco, ruta 5, Pozo Colorado - Concepcion

Bajo Chaco cattle ranch
road in Chaco
paved Ruta 5 crossing the Chaco, 150 km straight